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Sleep at this time to get fresh skin
Perhaps the hours you sleep in are the best time to help your skin beauty because when you sleep, your metabolism or metabolism slows down, thereby reducing the harmful free radicals in your skin. In addition, you are exposed to pollution. You also don’t have the environmental or UV radiation that damages the skin and at night, our body does not have to protect the skin and instead can focus on repairing the damage to the skin.

Lively and beautiful skin

The best bedtime for healthy and beautiful skin
Simply adhering to a specific sleep schedule during the week is not enough to have beautiful, clear skin, and our nighttime sleep should be at a specific time. The best sleeping time to keep skin healthy is sleeping at 11am to 7am, and those who sleep late or early at 11am and do not wake up at 7am suffer from premature drooping and aging.

If your sleep time changes from 2 to 3 hours a night, even if you have enough sleep time, skin health is not guaranteed.

Sleeping on the clock

Best and worst time and sleep time for facial skin
Follow these tips to keep your skin healthy before bed

  1. Another thing that affects the face skin is sleeping. One of the worst nightmares that can accelerate the aging of the skin is sleeping on the face, where the skin is compressed and the blood circulation is not sufficient. Therefore, the facial skin is damaged and wrinkles and wrinkles are created. One of the best ways to keep your skin refreshed is to lie on your back while you sleep with two pillows under your head to keep blood flowing.

Best sleeping mode

Best time and sleep mode for young skin

  1. Wash your face before bed and wipe the toiletries and try to apply a cleanser on your face for a few minutes each night with a circular scrub and then rinse thoroughly. This will greatly affect the transparency of your face skin.

Transparent skin

The best bedtime for skin and the secret to a healthy skin

  1. The first harmful factor for closing the pores of the sheets and sheets is dirty, which is a gathering place for oil, dirt and bacteria, so it is best to wash or replace your sheath once or twice a week to keep your skin young.
  1. Long-term use of rough pills can lead to wrinkles, damage to collagen and welding production. It is advisable to use silk or satin pads as it will leave less of a wrinkle on your face.

The right time to sleep

The best sleeping time for women’s skin clarity
The best and most suitable bedtime for beautiful and young skin

  1. Find one of the masks that suit your skin and moisten your skin before bed. Many of these products have a great effect on maintaining skin freshness and softness.
  2. The best way to avoid damaging your skin is to gently wrap your hair while you sleep, because the openness of the hair, especially if it is seated, will transfer oil to the pillow and from there to your skin.
  3. Do not drink water before going to bed, as it will wake you up in the morning with a puffy face.
  4. Do breathing exercises before bed because deep breathing before bed will boost the amount of oxygen delivered to the brain, lungs and body cells and help rejuvenate the skin during sleep.