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Worst Drinks for Teeth and Gums:
1) The harm of soft drinks
Nothing like a drink deserves the top spot on this list. We all know that drinks are harmful to many aspects of oral health and are no exception. Numerous studies have shown the association between soda consumption and cavitation.

They have a twofold risk because, first of all, soda is very acidic and the acids in it can destroy your teeth even more with sugar than enamel. Therefore, even sugar-free drinks are still very harmful to your teeth because they contain citric acid and phosphoric acid.

Of course, in the case of sugars even worse, because there is a risk of adding processed sugar to the harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Harmful toothpaste

Highly destructive effect of soda on the teeth
2) Exercise Sweet Drinks:
Even if sports drinks are healthy, they are made from sugar and acids, and the potential for cavities and erosion is greatly increased. Studying the effects of acidic tooth erosion on teeth, sports drinks are known as more compact drinks. And this is the competition with the energy drinks and drinks that are found in acidic drinks.

3) Cons of Energy Drinks:
The same study above identifies energy drinks as the most acidic beverages compared to 100% acidic soda and water drinks and the second erosive (second only to sports drinks).

So we warn that in addition to the above, energy drinks can also help with the development of oral disease.

4) Coffee tooth effects:
How ruthlessly it stains your teeth is clear to you and coffee stains are one of the worst for your teeth because they are very resistant. In addition, coffee also dries your mouth and makes your teeth sticky.

If you add sugar to coffee, it gets worse, because your teeth are slightly less harmful than sugar-free coffee. If all this is not enough, we should note that coffee is also an acidic drink, which we know to cover the enamel.

We don’t expect you to stop drinking your favorite drink, of course, but to minimize the damage please drink plenty of water afterward and avoid additives such as sugar.

Sweet drinks after exercise

Teeth stain by drinking coffee
5) The effect of fruit juice on teeth:
Although not the drinks mentioned above, it is not bad to know that many fruit juices are highly acidic and are associated with an increased risk of dental cavitation. Of course, 100% natural juices also have properties, so just be aware of their acidic nature and rinse your mouth at least after drinking it.

Eating and harmful snacks for oral, dental and gum health
6) The Dangers of Toothpaste:
The chance of a dentist agreeing with chewing candy is about equal to the chance of seeing a dinosaur. Of course, dentists know how harmful the sticky candy is to the teeth.

Their high sugar content combined with the sticky nature makes them a nightmare for your teeth and your favorite bacteria snacks.