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Properties and Benefits of Raisins for Health:

  1. Rich in fiber and used as a laxative:
    Since raisins are a rich source of fiber, they help absorb the natural fluids in the body. This type of fiber is insoluble because it is high in water and makes it easy for the food to move through the intestine if Eating it regularly can also help treat constipation. One study found that eating only two servings of raisins a day can improve colon function and reduce the risk of colon cancer.
  1. Raisins for the treatment of flatulence:
    The fiber in raisins removes harmful substances and toxins from the digestive tract, which can protect against bowel disease, bacterial growth and abdominal flatulence.
  2. Raisins to prevent acidity:
    As previously mentioned, raisins are rich in potassium and magnesium, which are a natural remedy for acidity, these minerals being two common elements of antacids, because they are considered basic pH scale.
    There are two types of acidosis with a number of causes and treat many diseases of the respiratory system, pimples, skin diseases, internal organ damage, gout and kidney.
  3. Iron-rich raisins (treatment of anemia):
    Raisins contain a significant amount of iron, which is directly effective in the treatment of anemia. It also contains many of the complex B vitamins necessary for the formation of new blood, and the high copper content also helps in the production of red blood cells.
  1. Raisins to enhance oral health:
    Raisins are rich in calcium, which helps to strengthen the enamel for restoration. In addition to boron in these dried fruits can inhibit the growth of oral germs and strengthen teeth, oleanolic acid is one of the chemicals in raisins that plays an important role in protecting the teeth against cavities. And it is fragile.
  2. Antioxidant-rich raisins:
    Raisins have high levels of antioxidants, which contain catechins and polyphenol phytotopes, protecting them from damage caused by free radicals, making free radicals one of the primary contributors to cell growth. It is cancerous, yet more scientific evidence is still needed to confirm these findings. In addition, fiber content increases bile excretion and reduces toxins.
  3. Raisins to help improve bone health:
    With age, one of the problems that may arise is increased bone fragility. One of the reasons is that people are not consuming the amount of calcium they need, milk alone is not enough. The good news is that there are various sources of calcium, such as raisins, which can be incorporated into the diet. Raisins contain boron, besides calcium, which is a micronutrient that can help improve the body’s ability to absorb various nutrients.
  4. Raisins to improve skin health:
    The antioxidants and vitamin C in raisins will rejuvenate the skin and eliminate wrinkles. Their consumption can prevent the development of conditions known as psoriasis and acne.
  1. Raisins to improve hair health:
    Daily consumption of raisins helps to have shiny, thick hair, as its vitamin C content prevents cell damage. Its anti-inflammatory properties prevent scarring and dandruff.