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Save on the cost of tooth replacement
If you have just come to the dental office for a scam, you know the cost of a simple digit scoring will cost you about 50 to 100,000 USD while you can easily spend the very nearest perfume to the nearest Make your home the most original and effective wooden toothbrush. Of course, this does not mean that you forget to brush three times a day. Toothbrushes are made from tree branches called toothbrushes, which are found not only in southern Iran but also in Egypt and India. In addition to its antimicrobial effect, the wood of this tree can remove many of the anaerobic microorganisms that cause tooth decay with the help of fluoride in its stems and is an excellent scavenger. Using a long toothbrush is one of the best ways to permanently save your toothbrush. Some sources of traditional medicine have pointed out that gargling toothpaste can also help to strengthen and disinfect the mouth, especially the gums. Just be careful to use a toothbrush gently every night for teeth whitening and cleaning.

Oral health

Oral health with traditional methods

For you who bleeds your gums
If you are experiencing bleeding gums while brushing, you can use one of the simplest and cheapest medicinal herbs. A drug that you can easily make at home, apart from being made from Atari. Pomegranate peel is one of the cheapest herbal remedies that have the best effect in treating bleeding gums. Using a decoction of pomegranate skin for mouth washing is the best way to improve gum laxity and bleeding while brushing. Along with pomegranate peel, a pomegranate tree, as well as natural water obtained from red pomegranate seeds, it has the same properties and can heal a variety of infections and oral ulcers.

Reduces pest irritation
Aphthous or oral ulcers are one of the most difficult oral problems. Sometimes the burning and pain can be so severe that one can lose the ability to drink or eat food and snacks. Rinse or boil the mouthwash obtained by it, in addition to cooling the mouth and reducing the incidence of ulcers and pests, as a powerful painkiller to relieve pains and wounds. In addition to the decoction of boxwood, boxwood or perspiration boiled egg and boxwood are also suitable for pest relief and pain relief.

Natural lidocaine
Carnation sweat is one of those herbal remedies that we recommend you have at home. If your toothaches in an inappropriate position and you are cut off, you can greatly relieve the pain by gargling with carnation sweat and keeping it in your mouth. Instead of carnation sweat, you can also use carrot extract or boiled. Buy carnation and boil two spoons of it with two glasses of water whenever the pain comes, then leave with a glass of boiling water and then rinse the teeth thoroughly with the remaining boiled and cooled teeth for a few minutes. Keep. Of course, don’t forget to consult a dentist at the earliest opportunity to find out the cause of your pain and find out the cause of the pain.

For stinking mouths
If you find that your friends are taking a step back when talking, you should be listening to a bell ringing somewhere. Maybe it is the scent from your mouth that gives it a bad smell. Bad breath can be caused either by gum infections or by the consumption of edible onions and onions. In the first case, it is best to ask the dentist for the cause of the gum infection and follow it if there is a herbal solution. But in the second case, we recommend that you take the nearest perfume of fennel or anise seeds at the earliest opportunity and chew on 2 to 3 of these seeds after each meal. But if the dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract or the liver has caused a problem with your mouth odor, we recommend that you consume fennel with aromatic cinnamon daily to get rid of this bad odor.