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Essential cosmetics for women

Some cosmetics are essential for all women

Today, cosmetics are an important part of our personal expenses, and with the great variety they offer, they add to our daily costs. In today’s world, there are countless cosmetics that we all do not necessarily need, and there is no need to spend on them. But some cosmetics are essential for all women who want to have beautiful and healthy skin.

In this post we will introduce to you all the cosmetics that women should have on their makeup shelf so that you can provide a complete shopping list to meet all your beauty needs at no extra cost.

All the cosmetics that women need

Eye Cream

By the beginning of the 20’s life is gradually becoming drier and prone to wrinkles and the first point of the skin showing these wrinkles and lines is the skin around the eyes because the skin around the eyes is very thin and delicate and simply loses moisture so everyone Women should begin applying water-based eye cream around the age of 4 to 5 to avoid deep wrinkles around the eyes for decades to come.

Facial Cleanser

We all know that before bedtime we need to get rid of makeup because sleeping with makeup has irreparable effects on the skin. But even if you are not a makeup artist, you still need to cleanse the skin as it sits on the surface of your skin during the day, with sweat, dirt and dust. Facial cleansers have different types and you should choose one based on your skin type and sex and use it at least every night.

Face moisturizing cream

The skin’s surface is defenseless against environmental damage, and it easily loses moisture and becomes dry, which is why you need to apply moisturizing cream daily to maintain the moisture of your skin. Applying these creams after rinsing your skin is essential because they help moisturize and moisturize the skin. Moisturizing face creams are usually not greasy to prevent acne and skin inflammation.

Hand moisturizing cream

The skin of the hand needs to be moisturized just like any other part, but because the hands are always exposed to various environmental factors and are washed more than other parts of the body, they need more nutrition and moisture. Moisturizing hand cream is usually rich and nutritious and contains useful fats that maintain moisture and aesthetics.

Moisturizing body cream

In addition to the face and hands, the rest of your skin needs moisturizing cream. Of course, this is less than the need for facial or hand skin, but you should use a moisturizing cream to moisturize all parts of your body after each bath and wash to prevent wrinkles. .


It cannot be said that everyone needs a foundation because even people who do not have smooth, smooth skin do not have to cover and perfect their face. But the role of foundation in a perfect makeup cannot be denied, so it is advisable to use a foundation similar to your skin with a medium coverage.

Lipstick is one of the most important cosmetic products

Women who are full-time make-up are well-known for their lipstick. This beautiful coloring material will give your face a lively look, especially for those who have used a medium to high coverage powder cream.

hair conditioner

Hair needs to be washed for cleanliness and health, and we all know that we need to use the best and most suitable shampoo to wash our hair. But most people are unaware of the importance and necessity of emollients and do not know that hair moisturizer can restore the moisture lost by shampooing. This is especially critical for those with long hair and it prevents mucous membranes.

Lip Balm

The lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the face that rapidly become dry and dehydrated. Under these circumstances, it is essential for everyone to use a proper lip balm that is moisturizing and moisturizing and that every man, even men, should have their own lip balm.

Eye Line One of the most popular cosmetics

Few people can be found in makeup but are not interested in the blinking line. The eye line has a tremendous impact on the beauty of the eyes and the beauty of the whole face and creates a dramatic look on the face. Of course there are different types of eyeliner, but it’s easier to apply pencil and jelly.

 make up products
Meet all your beauty needs at no extra cost

Hair spray

Everyone needs a special type of hair spray, depending on the sex of your hair, for example, if your hair does not fit easily and does not stabilize, it is best to use conditioner sprays. But if your hair lacks texture, it is best to seek out sprays that create texture.