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Tourist Island in Halong; Vietnam’s tourism hub

 The word halong bai literally means a dragon descending or sitting down. Although not mentioned in historical documents until the 19th century, there are many stories and legends about the name over the languages. Some say there was a large eel living in the area, occasionally drowning in water and frightening people, and others believe the name was due to the island’s appearance.

Visiting the Halong Bay means experiencing pristine landscapes of long sandy beaches, the Emerald Sea and various islands. The limestone rocks of this area have been transformed over thousands of years, each giving a distinctive beauty. The caves of the Halong Bay also contain thousands of secrets. Traveling to Halogen means discovering the wonders of nature that are intact.

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Visiting Halong Bay means experiencing pristine landscapes of long sandy beaches and diverse islands

 Hiking Island
Halong has nearly 2,000 islands, each of which is spectacular and has special attractions. You should not miss the following three islands in your journey to this bay.

The tallest island
To the southeast of Halong Bay is Dau Be Island, which is 139 meters high and is the tallest island in Halong. Sloping rocks like shields protect the island from high waves. Known for its Lake Baam, the island is made up of three oceanic ponds connected by a narrow winding cave. Inside the cave you will find strange scenery. The island is also home to various animals such as monkeys, squirrels and bats.

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 Located southeast of Halong Bay, Dao Bay Island is the tallest island in Halong.

Cinderella Island
Cong Tay is located in Bai Thu Long Bai, and its legendary beauty attracts every tourist. The island is also known as the legendary Cinderella, and fortunately much of it remains intact.

 Part of the island is home to hotels and restaurants that you can relax in. Along the beach, you can spend hours relaxing or reading books in the nenos that are connected to the trees. This quaint island is a great place to rest.

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 Cong Tay is located in Bai To Long Bai

Marine species
Cong Do is located to the southeast of Halong Bai, one of the most beautiful islands in the region whose natural salt lake has enabled the biodiversity of many marine creatures such as shrimp, crab, fish and seaweed. The southeast of the island still retains its old function, a trading port that plays a key role in the trade and commerce of foreign countries.

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 Cong Do is located southeast of Halong Bai

A little thrill
Relaxation is the first sensation to tourists in Halogen Bai, but the excitement of discovering the underground is also a thrill.

Holy Mountain
The Yen Tu Mountains are one of the most beautiful sights in Vietnam known as the cradle of Buddhism in Vietnam. Halogen travelers usually spend a day in Yen to take advantage of the attractions in the area.

 The first attraction of this area is a lush stone bridge that is 10 meters long and has beautiful architecture. Legend has it that many things happened when the king of the region decided to become a monk, but he eventually set up the temple to celebrate spring in the land.

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The Yen Tu mountains are one of Vietnam’s most beautiful sights

The legendary cave
The Thien Cung Cave, known as the Heavenly Palace, is located south of Halong Bai. The 10,000-square-foot cave hides an intricate, intricate structure.

Crossing the rough cliffs of this cave is not an easy task, but its beauty is amazing. The guides of this cave will tell you about the various tales and legends that come from this region. The cliffs of this cave naturally provide images of fish, birds and trees that are a delight to discover.

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Thien Cung Cave, known as the Heavenly Palace, is located south of Halong Bai

Wonderful cave
Inside Bo Bo Island there is a cave that is famous for its amazing cave. The philosophy of this denomination is determined immediately upon its entry. The natural wonders of this cave are so incredible. The entrance to the cave is narrow and small, but a few steps further, its interior is wide.

 It is a little difficult to imagine going down this small path to the heart of underground beauties, but the interior of the cave is like the space of a large theater, a theater built by Mother Nature.