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Museum of Canadian History in Ottawa

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Meet the Canadian History Museum
The Canadian Museum of History is a national museum in Canada that offers interesting information about human history and civilization, especially Canadian history. The museum is in Gatineau, Quebec, on the banks of the Ottawa River. The museum consists of 4 sections. The purpose of establishing the Canadian History Museum is to collect, study and preserve objects that are relevant to the history of human life in Canada and reflect their culture. In October, the name of the museum was officially changed from the Canadian Museum of Civilization to the Canadian Museum of History to be more precise on Canadian history and its people.

 Canadian History Museum, Canadian History Museum in Ottawa, Canadian History Museum Photographs Canadian Museum History

At the permanent exhibitions of the Canadian Museum of History, you can get acquainted with the six-year history of mankind. It is also home to Canadian culture and civilization objects and programs from the past to the present. The main institute for research on topics is also in the museum. Most of them are experts in Canadian history, archeology, ethnicity, and local culture. The museum also organizes travel exhibitions.

History of the Canadian Museum of History
The museum was established in the year 8 as an exhibition for the Geological Survey of Canada, which collected not only minerals, but also biological samples and hand-made historical and ethnic structures. The Canadian Museum of History was founded in Montreal and moved to Ottawa in 5 years. In year 4, he was appointed as the first anthropologist in the Museum’s new anthropology department, on the recommendation of Franz Boas, anthropologist and linguist Edward. Soon after, anthropologists Diamond Jenness and Marius Barbeau were hired. In year 2, it was moved to the new Victoria Memorial Building on Metcalfe Street in downtown Ottawa.

 Museum of Canadian History, Museum of Canadian History in Ottawa, Photographs of Museum of Canadian History
 Photos of the Museum of Canadian History

The National Gallery of Canada also occupies half of the building. In year 4, the museum was divided into the Museum of Nature and the Museum of Man, but both remained in the same building. In year 6, the government of Pierre Trudeau announced that the human museum would be moved to its own separate space in the hall. At that time, the exact name of the museum in English, the Museum of Man, which can also be translated into the Men’s Museum, was why critics were arguing against the name being discriminated against until the name-picking contest for the series was held in Year 2. Named after the Museum of Canadian Civilization’s history, the collection was relocated to a new facility in year 5.

Since its inception, the museum’s cost has risen from about $ 5 million to about $ 5 million, from the initial estimate. Despite initial criticism of Disneyfication’s intended use of the museum, its enormous costs, unique architecture and unfinished displays from many areas (including the conservative government of Brown Melvani), the museum quickly became a tourist attraction, and It was recognized by various political factions as the national symbol of a multicultural society. In year 2, the museum attracted 3.9 million visitors, but the number of tourists decreased to 4.4 million in year 2.

The name of the museum was renamed the History Museum of Canada in year 4. Opposition parties complained that the $ 4 cost of the change was unnecessary even during the recession. However, the name of the museum was changed and changed with its policies and goals. The purpose of the museum is as follows:

The Museum of Canadian History aims to promote the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Canadian events, experiences, people and objects that reflect and shape Canadian history and identity, as well as enhancing their awareness of world history and culture.

 Museum of Canadian History, Museum of Canadian History in Ottawa, Photographs of Museum of Canadian History
Pictures of the Museum of Canadian History

Permanent exhibitions
Large hall
The large hall on the first floor is the architectural building of the museum center. It has a wall full of windows that is 2 m (2 ft) wide by 2 m (2 ft) high and has a view of the Ottawa River and Parliament House. On the front wall there is a color picture of the same size. The image is a jungle scene and is said to be the largest color photograph in the world.

Early Human Salon
The museum is also on the first floor of the building, reflecting the history and art of Native Canadians from their time in North America to the present day. In this section of the Canadian Taekwondo Museum explores the diversity of people, their interactions with the land, and their contribution to society. It is the result of a groundbreaking and intense collaboration between museum managers and early human representatives. In fact, it represents the region’s six-year history and is divided into three major divisions. The indigenous section refers to Native American cultural diversity, achievements and pre-North American life. It includes traditional stories about creation and other phenomena told by indigenous people.

Canadian History Hall
The Canadian History Hall is a permanent gallery dedicated to Canadian history and includes both the third and fourth floors of the museum. This section opened on July 1, 2008, on the occasion of the Canadian Museum of History’s 50th anniversary.
The museum’s opening hours are usually between 9am and 8pm, but each day has a special schedule and a few days a year.