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Some ancient monuments

آثار تاریخی,آثار باستانی,عکس آثار تاریخی

The Dellman de Manga is made of about 2 extraordinarily large stones, dating back to five years before Christ.
A few valuable works of antiquity
In this article we are going to take you to see the ancient monuments of the world, each of which is an ancient and historical story for itself. These monuments are sometimes remnants of a city and sometimes remnants of a valuable work.

Tihuanaco in Bolivia

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 Tihuanaco in Bolivia

Tiahuanaco (Tiahuanaco and Tiahuanacu) is an important archaeological site in western Bolivia today and is associated with Europeans prior to the discovery of American civilization. It has been an important part of the Inca civilization. It has been a central administrative-religious center for about 500 years. The ruins of the city lie near the southeast bank of Lake Titicaca, 5 km west of Lapaz. The date of its birth dates back to about 5 BC. Around the year 6 BC, Tihavanako may have perished, perhaps due to environmental conditions or the clash of people from the south, or religious or trio conflicts.

Hager Kim, Malta
Hagar Kim is based in Malta and is said to have been made by an unknown culture between 1 and 2 BC. It is said that this culture has been destroyed by famine and natural disasters, and the trace of the identifiable details remains.
According to tradition, one of the earliest examples of religious beliefs is a temple at Hagar Kim that contains a number of statues of the goddess of the mother known as Venus. Some of them are currently on display at the National Museum of Archeology in Valta. Hagar Kim was made hundreds of years earlier than Stonehenge.

Sharokin round in Iraq

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 Far from the historic and spectacular monuments of Iraq

Far Sharokin (“Sargan Castle” or “Sherokin Fortress”), present Khorsabad, was the capital of Assyria during the reign of Sargon II, which was founded about 5 years BC. The Assyrians reside there On March 8, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant destroyed the Khorsabad palace.

Dolmen de Menga, Spain

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 Delman de Manga in Spain

This huge stone monument is buried beneath a hill in Spain. The halls in this building are approximately 4 meters high and the height of the roof is about the size of the hill. It is made of about 2 extraordinarily large stones. It dates back to five years BC, and it is said that more than hundreds of skeletons were found there when the hill was opened in the 19th century.