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Virtual trip to Normandy France!

Normandy is a geographical area in northwestern France. The area was granted to the Vikings by the Norwegian king of the West Franks, Charles Simpson, in the form of a spokesman to prevent their permanent invasion of French territory. Thus the area was called Normandy. Normandy became one of Europe’s most powerful dukes in history, and the power of the Duke of Normandy was equal to the power of the King of France.

But apart from the museums and memorials of those days, Normandy has other attractions, such as natural attractions, historic mansions, and so on that have attracted tourists to Paris to some extent.

The following is a virtual tour of Normandy:

Monte Saint Michel Island and the famous castle in the middle of it. It is sparsely populated but has about 3 million visitors a year. Plenty of water around the island constantly cuts and interconnects.

Normandy French AttractionsNormandy is a geographical area in northwestern France

“Etretat” cliffs is a very small seaside village famous for its white cliffs and 3 beautiful natural arches and has inspired many painters.

 French Normandy AttractionsFrench “Etretat” is a very small seaside village

French Normandy, French Normandy Pictures The “Etretat” rocks inspire the painters because of its beautiful white cliffs and its 3 natural arches.

The Biao is a beautiful city that, besides its cozy and historic corners, has a work of art by the “Farshineh Biao” – an embroidered floral woven with needlework technique – and in fact a 70-meter curtain that captures 50 scenes It is depicted by the Normans and is housed in the City Museum.

Pictures of Normandy France, Sights of Normandy FranceBeausher is a city of beauty that, besides its historical corners, has a work of art by Farshineh Biao

Giovanni is another small village in Normandy that is well-known for its beautiful Claude Monet’s garden and home.

The tourist attractions of Normandy are the small village of Normandy, famous for its beautiful Claude Monet gardens and houses.

Tourist Attractions Normandy France “Giverny” Small Normandy Village

The 151-meter-high Rouen Cathedral is one of the tallest churches in the world, and of course architecturally significant.