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Explore Oman’s historic castles

 Oman’s Historical Castles, Oman Castles, Oman’s Attractions Attractions Many of Oman’s historic castles belong to the Portuguese colonial era


Historic Oman Fortresses
In Oman, whether on the coast, on the high mountains or in the midst of burning deserts, there is a historic castle around you! Many of these castles date back to the Portuguese colonial period in the region and many were ruled by local governments. Each of these castles has a story to tell. In this post we are going to introduce you to some of Oman’s most famous historical castles.

Historic castle raised Mutrah Fort
The historic fortress has the task of maintaining the port and the road connecting it with the city of Muscat. The castle with its winding walls and beautiful towers is magnificently situated on a high hill overlooking the harbor. Known as “Koot Mutrah”, it is one of Oman’s oldest castles, dating back to the 16th century.

 Oman’s Historical Castles, Oman’s Most Famous Historical Castles, Oman’s Attractions Attractions Historic Oman Castle

To understand the importance of the castle, you must take a trip back in time to the early 6th century. Like the great fortresses of Bahrain, Dave, Goa and Mombasa, the fortress was built during the first Portuguese empire. During this period, the Portuguese exported the spice from Venice to the rest of the world, whose spice was still in the hands of the Venetians.

They monopolized the spice trade in the region. It was around this time that the prominent harbor flourished and its historic fort was built. Some historians believe that the entire fortress was built by the Portuguese, and some believe that the Portuguese only added two towers and a defensive wall in the year to the pre-existing castle. In any case, the Portuguese watched every creature approaching the port from within the castle.

Sahar Historical Castle Fort of Sohar

 Oman’s Historic Castles, Oman’s Castles, Oman’s Attractions Attractions Archaeologists have attributed the dating of the Sahar Castle to the 5th century.

Sahara Castle is located on a hilltop in the third largest city of Oman, 2 kilometers from Muscat. The castle can be reached in less than two hours’ drive from the Emirates. The historical significance of the castle is closely related to the history of the Sahara city. For many years, it has been one of the region’s major ports for trade in goods from China to the Red Sea and the Far East.

Archaeological excavations at the castle date back to the 6th century. Later, with the advent of the Portuguese, parts of this historic castle were added. According to historical reports, there were several freshwater wells inside the castle. Three soldiers lived inside the castle. Long after, the castle was conquered by Imam Nassir bin Murshid. Imam Nasir was the one who expelled the Portuguese from Oman.

Al Forrestagh Castle Ar Rustaq Fort

 Oman’s Historic Castles, Oman’s Historic Attractions, Oman Al-Rastaq’s Attractions are Oman’s Most Popular Attractions

Al-Rostaq is another historic Oman fortress and one of the oldest buildings in the country. The castle dates back to the Sassanid period, when the Persian Sassanid Persians overran much of Asia. The castle’s long history has made it one of Oman’s most popular tourist attractions. The castle was used in later periods. Imam Nassir bin Murshid spent a short time in this castle. El Rostaq has a remarkable architecture and beautiful decorations are used inside it. The castle has been well rebuilt in recent years and prepared for public viewing.

Historic Castle of Hizm Al Hazm Castle

 Oman Historical Castles, Oman Castles, Amazing Attractions in Oman

Al-Hazm Castle is a large fort in the middle of a vast plain, just 5 minutes’ drive from Al-Rastaq. With its historic gate and famous dungeons, it is one of the most spectacular castles in Oman. In this castle you will be given audio guides and you can hear its story wherever you go.

Imam Sultan ibn Youssef ordered the construction of this castle in year 6 The first thing that attracts tourists in this 6-year-old castle is its wooden gate, which experts believe was built in Surat, and took about four hours to reach the site.
Inside this historic castle there is an inscription on the wall. There is also a hidden tunnel outside the castle and several dungeons, among its unique features.

Jalali & Mirani Castle The Forts of Jalali and Mirani

 Oman Historical Castles, Oman Castles, Amazing Attractions in Oman Jalali & Mirani Castle

The Jalali and Mirani castles are located in the old area of ​​Muscat and, although not open to the public, are of great interest to foreign tourists. These castles were also built by the Portuguese and then used by them. Jalali and Mirani are also in the vicinity. There are disagreements as to why these castles are named. What is clear from the history of the castle is that they were built in the 5th century AD.

Barca Castle Barka Castle