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Icheri City, Baku’s oldest texture

 Icheri City, Citadel of Baku, Baku Attractions
Introducing Icheri City

Introducing Ichri City (Citadel of Baku)

One of the most important sights of Baku that must be visited by tourists is the city of Icheri or the old texture of Baku. Like other historical places in the world, this historical area is also of particular interest to tourists. This historical center is also known as Citadel Baku.

This part of the city is located in the northwestern part of the Gulf of Baku and is one of the most spectacular sites in Baku as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000.

 Ichery city, Ichery city photos, Baku tourist attractions
Ichri City, historical context of Baku

History of Ichery City

Icheri City, also known as Citadel of Baku, is the oldest city in Azerbaijan, the capital of the country long before Baku. The ancient fabric of Ichri was built gradually between the 11th and 19th centuries.

The city has been home to human life since the Paleolithic times and has been home to various cultures and civilizations. Among the civilizations of this city can be mentioned Sassanid, Zoroastrian, Shirvan, Iranian, Arabic, Ottoman and Russian civilizations.

In the 15th century, after the devastating earthquake that struck the former capital of Azerbaijan, in the town of Shamakhi, the monarch dynasty relocated its capital to Baku. They developed Icheri City and added defensive walls. Most of the townspeople lived within the walls of the city until the rise of oil revenues in Baku in the 19th century led to the city’s ever-expanding growth.

 Icheri city, world historical places, tourist attractions of Azerbaijan
Citadel of Baku

Icheri City Attractions

Walking through the old cobblestones of the city and walking down the narrow streets will make you relax. Most of the old Icheri shops and houses remained the same as they used to be, and today they have become a souvenir shop. Icheri Shahr has 23 neighborhoods, 2 caravansaries, 3 fountains, a market square, mosques, baths and more. The Girl’s Castle, the King’s Palace and the Gate of Murad are some of the most famous monuments in the area.

 Ichri City, Girl Castle, Baku Attractions
Castle girl (qiz qalasi)

Castle Girl one of the most spectacular buildings in Icheri

Qiz qalasi is one of the most attractive places in the region, which is a symbol of Azerbaijan and its image is also displayed on the banknotes of Azerbaijan. Many stories have been told about the tower, one of which relates to the fall of the governor’s daughter from the castle of the girl because of her father’s forced marriage. In the old days the castle was used for worship of Anahita and Zoroastrianism. It is still set up above this firewall every year.

In addition to the old palaces, modern palaces were built in this historic area. Stylish, four-star hotels, winding streets that have remained unchanged for many years, and a mix of modern and old textures have drawn tourists to this historic neighborhood.