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Journey to Lawson National Park, California

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The colorful sand dunes in Lassen are a range of porous rocks

 A trip to the colorful sand dunes of Lawson National Park, California, will surely be a dream come true for any tourist interested in nature. Because there are amazing hills in Lasson Volcano National Park in California, these colorful and spectacular sand dunes are as if painted with brushes.

Rainbow dunes in Lassen are a series of porous rocks created by the oxidation of volcanic ash. As volcanic melt flows out of the volcano, these ashes become oxidized and form these dunes in Lassen National Park, Northern California. At the top of these hills, the volcanic ash is lightened by oxidation as they descend on flowing hot, flammable melt material. These sand dunes are formed along with beds and substrates of volcanic melt, They are all located near the Cinder cone volcanic cone. This volcanic cone is 2 meters high and is estimated to have erupted last time in the 7th decade.

 California Attractions

  A trip to the colorful hills of Lawson National Park, California is a must for any tourist interested in nature

The Cinder cone volcanic cone in this park is made of molten material that is basalt and smooth. During volcanic eruptions, molten materials are thrown together with gas from the cone crater; but as the molten material cools and hardens, porous igneous rocks are formed. When gas bubbles are trapped inside these volcanic materials and cannot be ejected, they cause the igneous rock to form a porous, porous form. Then, like many other volcanic cones, this volcanic cone is turned off and is inactive. In fact, over a period of time, several basaltic melt streams erupt from within the cone, creating layers and zones of molten material called Fantastic lava beds, and then the cone stops activity.

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 The Cinder cone volcanic cone in this park is composed of molten material

The Cinder cone volcanic cone is actually two volcanic cones. The remnants and remains of an almost completely buried volcanic cone are visible, visible and visible on the southern slope of the larger volcanic cone. Most likely, the bulk of the early volcanic cone was buried and destroyed by flows of molten material that erupted from the larger volcanic cone.

 California Attractions

 The Cinder cone volcanic cone is actually composed of two volcanic cones

Pieces of red and hard igneous rocks, called Scoria, have been found in the molten material that formed the colored hills. These red igneous rocks were parts of the early volcanic cone that were washed out by lava flows and melt volcanoes larger than its steep slope and brought to a smoother surface that later created these sand dunes.

 California Attractions

 The colored sand dunes in Lassen are formed by the oxidation of volcanic ash

There is a trail to the tip of the Cinder cone volcano. Those who follow this route and reach the tip of the cone will surely be amazed to see the landscape created by volcanic activity. Due to the loose rocks in the area, climbing this volcanic cone is a very difficult task and you can climb down to the bottom of the cone. These colorful sand dunes are located on the southeastern side of this volcanic cone, just behind the basaltic areas of the Fantastic lava beds.