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The promises that spouses have to give each other

 Happy family

We promise to hear each other and listen to the word

The disparity of many couples after a few years of living together and even in the early days of their life is not understood. What couples know about their wishes and the needs of their husbands can greatly contribute to the length and depth of their romantic relationship.

The couple’s marriage period is a beautiful time; full of subtle romantic emotions that will be the beginning of their future life. In the meantime, we promise to give some promise in order to make the most of their romantic capital and make the most of their heart-closing ties. These promises are to restore trust, friendship, and love, and to make sure that we will live together honestly. By giving these few promises, we show how much we value and value each other for our open relationship.

We promise to hear each other and listen to the word

Communication is the core of life’s issues. Without the ability to hear the words of each other, it becomes difficult for the bride and groom to become together. It’s important to keep in mind that there is a connection between two actors or two actors; as we want to be heard, it is important to listen to the opposite. Listening to each other means hearing actively and, if necessary, trying to find a solution to the problem.

We promise to let ourselves be together

At the beginning of the contract period, there may be cases of misunderstandings or inconsistencies in opinions. But these, if not so serious, are calmly solved. But if they are serious, they should be considered that no one wants to be changed; so it’s important to respect each other’s comments and love each other. Let each one be ourselves and encourage the other side to be ourselves and not play a role. Obviously, this is true in cases where the person is not abusive.

We promise to spend time together and find time to be together

Today, both women and men go to work and have their own occupations, and it is natural that they return home and have little patience in both tired times of daily work. While advising you to observe the side of the other, we recommend that you give each other enough time by consulting each other; even if you have left a busy day, we’ll again have time to put together; if we do not do so, it’s possible to review it. Our relationship is cold.

 The attribute of a happy family
We promise to support and support each other in times of hardship

We promise to support and support each other in times of hardship

At the time of joys, we are usually together and we support each other. But what about the difficult times and the times of life? Do you put off ourselves and leave our couple alone?

Marriage means that when we have difficulty, we support the same time as easy times and happiness. That is, when our wife is sick or when she is tired of working back; keep her in check. When our spouse returns, we will be glad to welcome him so that he calmly relinquishes matters of work and fatigue in the peace of the house. When we have problems with our spouse, we will help him and we will shout and blame him and help him to solve the problem. Marriage means meeting together and solving problems and spending difficult days hoping for sunny days and the ease of life.

We promise to respect each other

Among the family and friends, we have the same time and only the good of our wives to see and support him. Never tell her with tears and bitter tongues, and let our wife know among the crowds. We are with him and he is not alone.

We promise to always be honest and never lie to each other

It seems that in every relation of honesty is the most important point, and this is certainly important among the bride and groom and forms the basis of their mutual trust.

We promise to make a compromise

Maybe it does not matter, but sometimes watching a particular TV channel might be a start for a martial arts quiz. So, we promise to make a compromise in small and trivial cases and in big and effective cases, respect and fair treatment. Perhaps we must sometimes leave our pride and let go of our rights.

We promise to be a sponsor

It’s very important for us to get upgraded to either of our jobs or to reach one of our goals, but we must also be happy for each victory of our spouse, and be thrilled in the same way. It also inspires our support for our spouse, and he encourages us to rejoice at his success and he can always count on our help.

Seeing our husband’s arrangement for us and his efforts to bake a meal or our wife’s efforts for our welfare at home and appreciate her will be the best incentive to continue her efforts. Encourage positive feedback and focus on our spouse.

We promise to make all our life exciting

We are all engaged in our own work, and after a while everything becomes routine and repetitive. Therefore, we must try to promote our relationship and excite it. Keep an eye on your relationship by arranging a simple surprise for an out-of-date appointment, a surprise lunch. Be creative and think of a happy surprise.