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Things you should not understand about your life

 The secrets of common life, the secrets of marital life, unexamined life
Do not tell these things about your marital relationship

There are no sayings in common life that only affects the privacy of you and your spouse, and by saying they may endanger the peace, success, and continuity of your common life. Come along with you to learn about these misunderstandings and to ensure the success of your shared life.
Your privacy with your spouse is your marital relationship

What happens between you and your spouse. Never say anything to your friends about your privacy with your spouse, because these relationships are the secret between you and your spouse. Always leave your place as a spouse and see if your friends are aware of the relationship between you and yours.

Bedroom issues are just about you and your spouse. Otherwise, you risk the mistrust of your spouse. “Intimacy” has a certain meaning. If you face a challenge in your life, talk to your spouse or psychologist. Psychologists keep your secrets to yourself.

Do not ignite family conflicts by telling others

Many women and men, especially at the beginning of marriage, suffer from disagreements, albeit small, with their spouse’s family due to lack of knowledge. Discussing these disagreements with others firstly will affect their mentality towards your spouse, and secondly, in some cases, the words you’ve been upset may come to your wife’s family, and then … The consequences of such a thing can be foreseeable at all. is not!

It is also possible that you and your spouse do not have a good relationship with your family; you do not need to share these issues with your family or vice versa. Be sure, no matter how much you want them to be, they are your family, it definitely affects the quality and durability of your life, and because of the relationship you have, your life is tied together and you need somewhere.

It may even be possible over time to resolve these disputes, and your relationship and behavior may change with those people, in which case you will not have to explain because of your cousin’s behavior with others.

 The secrets of marital life, successful marital life, unexplained marital life
Marital life stories

You do not need to share your financial terms with others

You do not need to be aware of your financial condition. The amount of saving money that you have borrowed or borrowed from others is personal and does not require others to be aware of it. You may be faced with incorrect judgments.

You may see you richer than you are, and think that you have no problems in life, so your expectations will rise from you. It may also be possible to see yourself higher than you and to treat you as a subordinate just because they have more income. By keeping such secrets, you will maintain a balance in your friendship.

Disagree with your partner’s behavior, not others

Perhaps when your wife does not behave as you please, or your behavior and behavior makes you angry, you need to make friends with friends. There is, of course, nothing to worry about, but be careful not to spoil the mentality of your friends over your spouse, as this will have a lasting impact on their minds. Certainly, after a while, you and your husband forget everything, but your friends will not forget your words about him.

Do not share the opinion of your spouse with your friends

Do not allow marriage to affect your surroundings. If your spouse does not like one of your friends, do not tell him or even other friends. Especially if this friend has committed a mistake or bad behavior. You can maintain relationships with your spouse and manage your relationships with you.

Your ex-spouse’s relationship is yours, not your neighbors

Your spouse may have had unsuccessfully married or unsuccessful marriages that you have solved and understood by your conversation between your own wives, but be assured that others, even if apparently pretending to understand this issue, have a negative relationship with the spouse. You find and based on that misconduct that it can affect you and endanger your marital life.

You do not understand that these judgments originate from the failure to grasp their previous relationship, and they are logical, if there is an indirect effect on the secrecy of your spouse. This applies to other past secrets of your spouse.

Telling your unclean secrets to others can be a blow to your life

Telling your secrets in common life to others can give you a relay to your relationship with someone else who wants to use it whenever you want. Hiding the past from the wife under any circumstances and for any item is not acceptable, but if for any reason you have a secret that you have hidden from your spouse never tell others even if you have an intimate relationship with him. How would you expect others to be secretive when you failed to be a good secret for yourself?